German translations are horrible in many cases do not fit the intent of the UI element at all

I was looking into Callendo as an alternative to Calendly but the horrible german translations make it not usable for us at all. Examples: The "show booking page" button on the events list says "Neue Veranstaltung erstellen", which translates to "Create a new event"? On the booking page, after selecting a valid time for a meeting it says "Ihr ausgewwähltes Datum ist nicht verfügbar", which translates to "Your selected data is not available" even though it clearly is. The email input on the booking form says "How many points do you want to claim?" What points?? Why is it English when it's supposed to be German. This are just 2 examples. I could keep on listing here forever. I think you guys have a great product and generally speaking I like the implementation and flow of it. But with these kind of translations it is not usable at all unfortuntaley for business use.